Born in Carlinville, Macoupin County, on August 2, 1977, I had Midwestern values instilled in me at an early age: the value of hardwork, honesty, respect, humbleness and being an advocate for people, just to name a few.

Despite a speech impediment and severe stutter, I pushed myself to communicate.  Despite being told by family caregivers after my mom passed, as well as by some teachers that I would “never amount to anything,” I not only graduated with a BA from Blackburn College in 2002, earned my Masters in Legal Studies in 2013, and have lead a pretty good life.

In October of 2009, after years of doing what I was “supposed to do,” going into educational debt, buying a house, having an awesome job in the wireless telecommunications field, etc., I decided to finally follow my dreams.  I arrived in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day 2009 and haven’t looked back.

Since then I’ve been working on my writing career as well as getting my motivational coaching career started-I’ve recently joined HMI to begin my journey into Hypnotherapy & have also become Level I Reiki certified.

Since 1999, I’ve been an avid genealogist in my spare time, follow current events, and love to engage in a variety of activities.  My belief is that anyone can achieve their wildest ambitions and also be happy if they work at it, make their own opportunities, and do not listen to what is often the biggest critic-one’s self.

New content will be constantly added to this site, as well as info on how to book sessions with me, as time goes, so check back often.


Palmer Blevins

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